Vision & Mission


Creating World-class Masterpiece

Core Values

Integrity : We take great pride in what we do and having strong moral principles in everything that we do.

Passionate : We are passionate and committed to deliver the best. We are willing to walk the extra mile in order to achieve NCT’S mission.

Striving for Excellence : We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations and in setting high standards and best practices to achieve unmatched product quality and service.

Customer : We place our customers at the heart of all that we do. We strive to understand our customers’ needs and create invaluable investments for their enjoyment.

Teamwork : We work together to achieve NCT’s mission in unity and trust and with respect for diversity.

Innovation : We undertake to understand the unique conditions of each sector in order to explore new opportunities. We adopt the flexible approach while staying true to NCT’s business goals.


To create architectural masterpieces that are renowned and respected worldwide

To stay ahead of the new wave of online marketing technology for tourism, hospitality and the retail industry through the establishment of the new O2O strategy

To develop a globally viable property landscape that also caters to international residents to heed the government’s call to raise Malaysia’s ranking as one of the topmost liveable countries in the world

Incorporate persistence for improvement and advancement of our team, brand, products and services

To develop new tourism-centric properties and refurbish existing ones to boost the local tourism industry

Practice professionalism, uphold integrity and create lasting relations by working genuinely and impartially with our customers, business affiliates and stakeholders

Advocate quality as the precedent, combined with robust commitment in providing the best solutions to our esteemed customers